August 4

alice dreaming play review

i liked the albatross and how he kept having to save alice. i liked the disco desert creatures i would give it five stars.

i loved the dance at the end when they did they the sprinkler and the lawnmower. it made me feel like dancing. it was so good I could see  it 💯 times. my favourite part was the arcade fighters and when the girl did a backflip. i didnt really like the youtubers but they were ok.



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by charlie.d



June 26

book review

introduce the book-

This book is inkheart it is about a dad and a girl who can read things out of books.

tell the book, but dont give away the ending-

this 3 quarter’s of a book was about a girl called meggie who loves reading books.


tell about your favourite part of the book or make a connection-

when mo reads billions of dollars out of a book for capricorn.

give a recomendation-

if you like magical storys you will like inkheart.



May 9

100 word chalenge.

I just couldn’t eat something so I swaped it for a ice cream but the ice cream was so cold I dropped it. A dog picked it up in its mouth and threw it up and then pooped it out. So a camel came along and ate it and then pooped it out. Now there was a big pile of poop on the floor.  Just then a woman came along and slipped on it and got poo all over her.  Her husband came along and picked her up and cleaned her and then cleaned up the poo. NO MORE POO!!!!