March 20


I was walking home and i saw something on the top of a skyscraper and i thought it was a trooper or something. But

Then it jumped of a building to the face of a massive rock. It climbed so high i could hardly see it any more. It climbed to the top and jumped to another rock. But how did it get up there.

Then it jumped like super man and just stood in the air for a few seconds then whoosh it plummeted to the the ground. SMASH it hit the ground then woo hoo i finally made it.

well what do you now it was superman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by charlie





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March 15


 I understand that the first fleet carried 759 people to Australia.

 I also understand that people also call Australia day invasion day.

 I recall that there are big protests about Australia day.

 I wonder how many aboriginals the British shot.

Lastly i understand that people want to change the date of Australia day.

Lastly i recall that English took aboriginals as slaves.  

March 13


Plonk a massive teacup landed in my back garden then i heard a massive thud it sounded like giant.

Then i heard a scream and a smash the i heard it a giants call rrrrrrrooooooouuuuuuurrrrrrr. It sounded like a MILLION fish screaming (not that they do) but if they did it would be that awful.

It stormed in to my garden and picked up the teacup and ran away but accidentally smashed my house it was destroyed. I ran after the giant with a sniper and took my aim BANG!! i shot him in the bottom he was dead.




March 8

btn report

I understood that there are federal state and local governments.

I recall that the federal,state and local governments don”t always get  there way together.

I also understand that the federal government has most of the power.

I wonder if the state fights against the federal to get power.

Lastly i understand that that the state and territory government has control over.

Lastly i recall that the biggest government is the federal.

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March 5

…but what if I was in charge?…

…But what if I was in charge?… If i was in charge i would call a party we would have a disco with 100 friends  at school. We would go bananas and destroy the house. we would get heaps of junk and go any were we wanted.

But i still think we should have some sensible time. Like sometimes we would  have a reading session and a game session. But you never no if i might just make every session free time.

I would  be the best teacher in the


and you ask for anything you get it!!!!!!!!

by charlie

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March 1

btn report

   I recall that in this btn Julia Gillard tried to swap Mexicans for Aussies but high court said it was illegal so it had to be scratched.

I understand that high court is even more powerful than any other court in Australia.

I also recall that 6 of the 7 judges agreed that it was actually illegal to do it.

I understand that 7 judges play the part of high court.

How do the court judges agree on the idea? 

Lastly i recall that Julia gillard still stood a chance if the opposition agreed to give her enough power to help make it run. 

by charlie




February 26

100 WC!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi my name is Thomas and we are driving so slowly. It’s so boring I can hardly think how the goldfish and all the other 999, 999, 999, 999, 99 pets can handle it. Anyway we are on our way to see our grandpa at port Melbourne and the traffic is horrible.



We finally got there and he was on a 10 metre tall ladder painting the house brown the dullest colour that I know. Then suddenly the ladder jerked straight from underneath him and the old man with a false arm, leg and teeth flew for about five seconds then face planted on the stainless steel ground.

By Charlie


Flying Old Man by DigitalPen






February 25

btn report.

I recall that in ancient Greece people used to never be able to have a say.

I understood that the Magna Karta was made to even  out share and stop monarchy’s taking land.

I also recall that some country’s like Saudi Arabia and Qatar are a absolute monarchy.

I also recall that in ancient Greece any one to poor was a slave or women couldn’t have a say.

I wonder if  in that time people pretended if they were fine to vote and got to vote.

I also understand that people didn’t like war although some did.

                                                  by charlie   


February 25

src letter

I want to be a src because i have never been one. I will raise lots of money for the school. I will do fun fundraisers and and keep pyjama day running and go to every single meeting. I will never be late and always be organised. I am happy to take on anything. I will make sure the Ga Ga pit gets installed. I will also help all the new kids that are in 1/2 if they they need any help.I will look out at recces and lunch to make sure that nobody’s doing anything to break the equipment that we raised good money for. If they are i will report it straight to the yard duty. If they need me for absolutely anything i will be there straight away.
Over all i think i will be a perfect src for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you for listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by charlie