December 2

100 wc

As I wake up and look out the window i see my pig he seems to be floating about a meter of the ground. I get dressed and walk  out the door. As i get there I realise that it is actually flying. I didn’t realise they could fly maybe it was just my imagination or a dream i pinched myself “ouch”. It is definitely not a dream so now we know that pigs do fly and that it’s not just some random myth a weirdo made up. So help save the poor flying pigs and honour them as heroes.


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October 9

100 wc

“Hi, I’m a baboon, I’m like a man just less advanced and my ***** is huge” blared the radio. For the 100th time the radio played Earth. ” Mum I’m bored “.

“Well look for the giant metal sculpture thingy”.

“Uurgh you mean the one with a Jap standing on top with an RPG and the statue has rocket launchers out it’s back”.

The jap pulled the trigger, a kamikaze Japanese plane suddenly flew into the statue when they just wouldn’t take of.

The trigger was pulled. We died. But the moral never kamikaze your own troop.

Ps: The plane had an atomic bomb in it.




September 2


At the zoo today I was at the elephant enclosure. A plane flew over with a sign attached to a rope. It said come to the market to see the only purple avocado in the world. I followed the plane which landed at the market I asked the guy “do you know where the purple avocado is”.   He then proceeded to walk past with a seahorse. I followed him and he walked right to a guy with a mustache he then said i got the seahorse you do know it’s illegal. He laughed and then said i do wipped of his costume he was a copper. The bad guy got arrested.

August 13

100 wc

I hate scary rides,  the ones with the loop the loops and the ones that spin around. The make me feel dizzy and really sick.

My brother on the other hand loves them he goes on the everywhere. But if he tries to convince me I just shake my head and walk away. One day he did convince me as soon as I got of I turned my head to tell on him andas I turned my head, the world spun.

When we got home I ran straight to the bathroom to chuck up damn my brother that ride rider.

June 17


Hi Christian
That was a really well written 100wc I like how you made the hat disappear and reappear in different spots I also like the twist at the end.
I think you could work on adding paragraphs to space it out.
overall great post

From Charlie🤩🤩

Hi Ed
I really like the humor in the story.
it is different to all the other 100wc i have read.

Overall I can not think of anything you can work on.


Hi charlotte
I like the post.
I like the way you used a crime scene as a setting.
I don’t get why the hat is on the table though.


Hi harrison
I love the post and the way you talk about how the pizza place likes profit more than the safety of people.

One thing I think you could work on would be your word choice because were it says “I was disgust because” it should be disgusted.
overall good post

June 17


It was a disaster it was all my fault the domino bombs are bombing our land.

It was all my fault i grew the dominoes and they came to life.

The were a lot smarter than humans and the made atomic bombs.

The also discovered ho to work planes to drop bombs they then disguised themselves as statues.

They then just bombed everything it is total madhouse and everybody is forced to live in subway tunnels.

Its my fault which is why i’m in there plane wright now about to bomb the subways.

I’m a domino a big  one that grew the others.




June 3


“Jhonny why was that hat on the table, you know it”s disrespectful to do that”

” What hat.”I  say

“The one that was just on the table, you know what i’m talking about”

“know I don’t maam”

“Go to your room and your grounded for a week no video games no tv and no food”

“no” I say I know its the wrong thing to  say but I say it dumbly.

This story is a lesson to use your manners.

Also be kind to your parents or there will be consequences aka no video games or tv.

thanks bye

by charlie

May 29


“wooo hooo” i yell.

I finally got a go on that new electric scooter. The one with the new twin turbine engine and thrusters.

But it was never going to be easy. I got about halfway down the hill lost control and smashed into the neighbours new rose bush.

I was halfway out and I  then saw a transparent ghost he looked at me and then laughed excitedly.

“your going to be late home tonight very late indeed”. He then picks up the scooter turns in on full throttle and puts on my face and burns then i die .

May 1


I was walking along the dry bare creek bed.

The air whistling in my ears.

There it was the thing that they had been talking about all week at school.

But the question was what was it.

It was like a group of deformed egyptian mummies.

They were swarming at me from all directions the creepy hideous things that haunt your dreams, that give you nightmares but yet they were real.

They  were like bees swarming for the first flower of spring except I was the flower.

But in the end it was all just a dream.

OR WAS it!





March 27


So when you think about cross what do you think fo? Do you think of rage or the cane but nothing will compare to my mum! She is rage and the cane combined.
The other day i accidentally knocked a glass over and she made grounded for a month.

I was so cross that i got a sledge hammer and knocked down a whole wall in my room”thats a lot of damage”.

That got me grounded for six years so i gave up.

I sold my xbox and switch then i said well you get what you get and you don’t get upset.