November 16


Mitchell Falls

A poem

By Charlie

I walk along the crunchy rocks.

The mist rises over the cliff.

I hear the crashing of the falls.

I can smell the water as it floats up.

It’s relaxing, calm and scary.

I see a rainbow in the water.

It’s Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

November 14


understanding 1-if they to go outside then they had to wear an astronaut suit.

understanding 2-the eat astronaut food every day. 

understanding 3- they are in a dome for a year.

question 1-how did it feel to live in a dome for a year?

question 2-what was it like to eat the same food every day

reason 1-to test what it would be like to live on mars

November 12


although i usually start with ,i was walking through the park when, i am going to start with something different.

so one day i was at the zoo when i saw a gorilla dressed in girls clothes. It had a bow a jacket high heels and the best lipstick along with its pink pants it was so pretty.(that’s if it was a human)

I then saw it rear up rip of the clothes grab the most yellow banana and go running through a brick wall.

the zoo keepers chased after it with a fire hose and chased the gorilla into the enclosure.






November 1


understanding 1-mars has the largest mountain at 26 kms tall. 

understanding 2-the sun won’t explode it will just disappear.

understanding 3- jupiter has the biggest storm in the solar system called the big red spot.

question 1-how will it take for the sun to disappear.

question 2-how is the ring around saturn made.

reason-jupiter brings asteroids closer to earth.

October 29


i was walking home one day when i asked my mum “can i play video games”.



“because i said so”.

“but it’s no fair i have done all my homework”.

“well i said no and that’s final”.

i walked up to my room and snuck my computer out from under the bed i opened it up and started playing my favourite game Tanki online. i was half way through the battle when my mum walked in and i slammed the computer so hard that the screen broke. my mum screams i ran and it ended like that.

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October 23


fact 1-curiosity wasn’t the first rover on mars but was the biggest.

fact2-mars is the planet most like earth in the solar system.

fact3-when they were landing curiosity on mars the 7 minutes were called the seven minutes of terror.

question 1-How did they nasa crew land the mars rover.

question 2-what life could there be on mars.

understanding 1-i understood what terror the 7 minutes of terror would be like





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October 10

‘Holes’ book review

Holes is a great book. It is a bit of a challenging read.

I would rate it 3 and a half stars. The book is a about a boy called Stanley Yelnats who gets sent to detention for a reason that’s not his fault. He gets there and finds he has to dig holes. What he doesn’t know, is what he is digging for!  I liked the book a lot but it could have better had a better ending.


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October 9


I was about to jump out of a plane 7,000 feet in the air when my brother woke me up. It reminded me of a time when i was having a really good dream when my brother woke me up and asked if i wanted to play minecraft. My brother said this when he woke me up. “the Image result for xbox is gone from the lounge room”. Stunned i woke up and went to they lounge room. Sure enough when i got there it was gone. I went up to his  bedroom and tried to open it but it was locked and i could hear the minecraft person walking. the good news was my brother got grounded the bad news was that the Image result for xbox  got thrown out.



Image result for xbox                Image result for xbox                Image result for xbox

September 13


i was walking through the park when i saw these 2 giant hand statues. they were holding a metal piece of wire. I had a look and as i had a closer look and i saw these weird animals. They were crawling around and then this weird thing happened i looked into a particulier one’s eyes (i guessed it was the leader) and then they all just disappeared.Later that night i was thinking about it and then one crawled into my bedroom it came up to me and bit me.

In the morning i found myself looking into the eyes of a kid.

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September 6


I was walking down the street one day and i saw a shop. Not just any shop a grocery shop, and not just any grocery shop a  Coles grocery shop, and not just any coles grocery shop a coles express grocery shop. Anyway it was one of those ones that sell just about everithing. I walked in and saw a pile of sunglasses. I was looking at them thinking what colour should it be. I thought and thought and finally decide on an orange pair the best in they shop. I kept them for many years and buried them in my backyard because the were the best.


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