June 17


Hi Christian
That was a really well written 100wc I like how you made the hat disappear and reappear in different spots I also like the twist at the end.
I think you could work on adding paragraphs to space it out.
overall great post

From CharliešŸ¤©šŸ¤©

Hi Ed
I really like the humor in the story.
it is different to all the other 100wc i have read.

Overall I can not think of anything you can work on.


Hi charlotte
I like the post.
I like the way you used a crime scene as a setting.
I don’t get why the hat is on the table though.


Hi harrison
I love the post and the way you talk about how the pizza place likes profit more than the safety of people.

One thing I think you could work on would be your word choice because were it says ā€œI was disgust becauseā€ it should be disgusted.
overall good post

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