June 3


“Jhonny why was that hat on the table, you know it”s disrespectful to do that”

” What hat.”I  say

“The one that was just on the table, you know what i’m talking about”

“know I don’t maam”

“Go to your room and your grounded for a week no video games no tv and no food”

“no” I say I know its the wrong thing to  say but I say it dumbly.

This story is a lesson to use your manners.

Also be kind to your parents or there will be consequences aka no video games or tv.

thanks bye

by charlie

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3 thoughts on “100wc

  1. callum2017

    Hey Charlie,
    I really liked your story. There were a couple of mistakes like with it’s was spelled it”s. I really enjoyed reading it

  2. addison2017

    I like how you wrote it to be like a lesson to kids so that they could use their manners. Although there were a few spelling errors but overall I really enjoyed it. 😀🎮


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