June 17


Hi Christian
That was a really well written 100wc I like how you made the hat disappear and reappear in different spots I also like the twist at the end.
I think you could work on adding paragraphs to space it out.
overall great post

From CharliešŸ¤©šŸ¤©

Hi Ed
I really like the humor in the story.
it is different to all the other 100wc i have read.

Overall I can not think of anything you can work on.


Hi charlotte
I like the post.
I like the way you used a crime scene as a setting.
I don’t get why the hat is on the table though.


Hi harrison
I love the post and the way you talk about how the pizza place likes profit more than the safety of people.

One thing I think you could work on would be your word choice because were it says ā€œI was disgust becauseā€ it should be disgusted.
overall good post

June 17


It was a disaster it was all my fault the domino bombs are bombing our land.

It was all my fault i grew the dominoes and they came to life.

The were a lot smarter than humans and the made atomic bombs.

The also discovered ho to work planes to drop bombs they then disguised themselves as statues.

They then just bombed everything it is total madhouse and everybody is forced to live in subway tunnels.

Its my fault which is why i’m in there plane wright now about to bomb the subways.

I’m a domino a bigĀ  one that grew the others.




June 3


“Jhonny why was that hat on the table, you know it”s disrespectful to do that”

” What hat.”IĀ  say

“The one that was just on the table, you know what i’m talking about”

“know I don’t maam”

“Go to your room and your grounded for a week no video games no tv and no food”

“no” I say I know its the wrong thing toĀ  say but I say it dumbly.

This story is a lesson to use your manners.

Also be kind to your parents or there will be consequences aka no video games or tv.

thanks bye

by charlie