May 1


I was walking along the dry bare creek bed.

The air whistling in my ears.

There it was the thing that they had been talking about all week at school.

But the question was what was it.

It was like a group of deformed egyptian mummies.

They were swarming at me from all directions the creepy hideous things that haunt your dreams, that give you nightmares but yet they were real.

They  were like bees swarming for the first flower of spring except I was the flower.

But in the end it was all just a dream.

OR WAS it!





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1 thoughts on “100wc

  1. ccmizis

    Congratulations this was a fantastic piece of writing, I loved your word choice such as the use of “deformed Egyptian Mummies” the ideas were well connected to the prompt and I can clearly see you have edited your piece. Looking forward to reading your next post.


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