May 29


“wooo hooo” i yell.

I finally got a go on that new electric scooter. The one with the new twin turbine engine and thrusters.

But it was never going to be easy. I got about halfway down the hill lost control and smashed into the neighbours new rose bush.

I was halfway out and I  then saw a transparent ghost he looked at me and then laughed excitedly.

“your going to be late home tonight very late indeed”. He then picks up the scooter turns in on full throttle and puts on my face and burns then i die .

May 1


I was walking along the dry bare creek bed.

The air whistling in my ears.

There it was the thing that they had been talking about all week at school.

But the question was what was it.

It was like a group of deformed egyptian mummies.

They were swarming at me from all directions the creepy hideous things that haunt your dreams, that give you nightmares but yet they were real.

They  were like bees swarming for the first flower of spring except I was the flower.

But in the end it was all just a dream.

OR WAS it!