March 27


So when you think about cross what do you think fo? Do you think of rage or the cane but nothing will compare to my mum! She is rage and the cane combined.
The other day i accidentally knocked a glass over and she made grounded for a month.

I was so cross that i got a sledge hammer and knocked down a whole wall in my room”thats a lot of damage”.

That got me grounded for six years so i gave up.

I sold my xbox and switch then i said well you get what you get and you don’t get upset.

March 5


So today I was doing the house painting with my dad and I asked him.

“what colour”?

He responded by saying “red”.

“Wy red” I ask.

“Because the ladder is broken and the pavement” he says

“Tell me about it”.

“We also are 2 coins short of fixing it”.

Just then the house started sinking.

“Run” he screams.

The old 60 year old building starts to crumble, the staircase snaps and the house is destroyed.

“Now were about one thousand coins away from having the house in perfect condition.