December 17

reflection for 2018

This year in 5/6 we did lots of exciting things. Some of them are sepep, gala and winter sports, camp and many more exciting things.

Some advice for the year 5s – Always have your computer charged because we use them a lot.

Do your homework or you will have to stay in at lunch.

Don’t muck around and do your work.

Did well-I think the way the 5/6 teachers ran the school captain voting and sepep was run. It was very continuative and all the 5/6’s listened it was the perfect way.

could improve-  So i think the leadership roles could be chosen a bit differently. I think that the house captain should still wright a speech but the students should still vote.



December 10


It was here. The day had finally come. It was the day of the hunt for the golden present.

The golden present held $5000,0000,0000.

People from all over the world come to enter.

The aim of the game is to go hunting in the bush for this tiny present then come back. Once you have the present people can try to shoot you. What the don,t know is that at the start of the game when you get your gun checked the people swap the real bullets with blanks so nobody gets hurt.

So that’s why the game is called….




December 4


understanding 1-Slam poetry takes time to get the words rhyming.

question 1-How hard is it to become a famous slam poet.

reason 1-The boy liked writing stories and comics and his mum showed him a video of a famous slam poet then he tried it and really liked.

understanding 2-Once you start slam poetry is quite easy.

question 2-Is it hard to get on stage and perform your own poetry.

understanding 3-Slam poetry is hard.


December 4


So we were watching one of those crime shows were the police try to catch the robbers. There was this one gang that just wouldn’t give in. When the finally got caught they were exhausted.

When they got back to the prison I swear I saw one of them faint. They then got fined double the fine that went from $20,000 to $40,000. They robbers started swearing wich then brought the fine up to $100,000. That sent they men crazy and the police sent them to jail for 10 years. But not after doing a quick case in court.



Image result for judge in court banging gavel

December 2


Understanding 3-The first person in space left for space on april 12 1961.

Understanding 2-In july 20 1969 the apollo 11 landed on the moon.

Understanding 1-It was carrying neil armstrong and buzz aldrin. 

Question 1-How much money did i cost to send the first rocket to the moon.

Question 2-Is neil armstrong a fully trained astronaut.

Reason 1- The earthlings wanted to go to space to explore further beyond human capability.

here is a link to the video space video.