November 12


Although I usually start with, I was walking through the park when, I am going to start with something different.

So, one day I was at the zoo when I saw a gorilla dressed in girl’s clothes. It had a bow, jacket, high heels and the best lipstick, along with its pink pants, it was so pretty (that’s if it was a human).

I then saw it rear up, rip off the clothes, grab the most yellow banana and go running through a brick wall.

The zookeeper chased after it with a fire hose and pushed the gorilla into the enclosure.






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1 thoughts on “100wc

  1. lachy2017

    Hi Charlie. This was a very good 100 wc. It had some funny jokes in it that made me entertained which was very good. The was some incorrect punctuation though that you should change. Great 100 wc though!


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