November 28


It just so happened one night when me and my family were watching tv a very strange show came on. Mum got interested only to find out that we seemed to be on the television and the show was called gogglebox. The show was strange it was like there were secret cameras all over the room. Sure enough there they were inside the tv screen.        The next day we reported it to the popo, got our money back, sued them in court and got that dumb tv show of the tv’s forever yep that’s right forever ever, ever, ever, exetra.


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November 22

Semester 2 reports goal reflection


One of my writing goal was to not write stories in talking mark I was writing my story’s in talking and there was talking on almost every line.

One of my reading goal was to use punctuation when reading I Was reading too fast and skipping all the punctuation.

One of my maths goal was to teach 8 time’s tables I was struggling and when I got to 32 I mucked up.

One of my personal goal was to take first chances for the



Like I said my writing goal was to not write stories in talking mark’s I have improved that by writing a story with only 4 sentences in it with talking.

My maths goal was to teach 8 time’s tables I was struggling and when I got to 32 I mucked up. I think I have improved a lot but it still needs a lot of practice.

My reading goal was to use punctuation when reading. I have mastered it and went on to read my whole bookshelf.

My personal goal was to take first chances. I haven’t had the chance yet but I will.


Goals for next year.

My math’s goal for next year will be to work on my 8ts like before.

My reading goal will be to read slower so that people can understand me.

My personal goal is still to take first chances.

Why writing goal is to right longer story’s.

November 16


Mitchell Falls

A poem

By Charlie

I walk along the crunchy rocks.

The mist rises over the cliff.

I hear the crashing of the falls.

I can smell the water as it floats up.

It’s relaxing, calm and scary.

I see a rainbow in the water.

It’s Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

November 14


understanding 1-if they to go outside then they had to wear an astronaut suit.

understanding 2-the eat astronaut food every day. 

understanding 3- they are in a dome for a year.

question 1-how did it feel to live in a dome for a year?

question 2-what was it like to eat the same food every day

reason 1-to test what it would be like to live on mars

November 12


Although I usually start with, I was walking through the park when, I am going to start with something different.

So, one day I was at the zoo when I saw a gorilla dressed in girl’s clothes. It had a bow, jacket, high heels and the best lipstick, along with its pink pants, it was so pretty (that’s if it was a human).

I then saw it rear up, rip off the clothes, grab the most yellow banana and go running through a brick wall.

The zookeeper chased after it with a fire hose and pushed the gorilla into the enclosure.






November 1


understanding 1-mars has the largest mountain at 26 kms tall. 

understanding 2-the sun won’t explode it will just disappear.

understanding 3- jupiter has the biggest storm in the solar system called the big red spot.

question 1-how will it take for the sun to disappear.

question 2-how is the ring around saturn made.

reason-jupiter brings asteroids closer to earth.