October 29


I was walking home one day when I asked my mum “may I please play video games”.



“Because I said so”.

“But it’s no fair I have done all my homework”.                                                                                                                                l I said no and that’s final”.

I walked up to my room and snuck my computer out from under the bed I opened it up and started playing my favourite game Tanki online. I was half way through the battle when my mum walked in and I slammed the computer so hard that the screen broke. My mum screams I ran and it ended like that.

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October 23


fact 1-curiosity wasn’t the first rover on mars but was the biggest.

fact2-mars is the planet most like earth in the solar system.

fact3-when they were landing curiosity on mars the 7 minutes were called the seven minutes of terror.

question 1-How did they nasa crew land the mars rover.

question 2-what life could there be on mars.

understanding 1-i understood what terror the 7 minutes of terror would be like





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October 10

‘Holes’ book review

Holes is a great book. It is a bit of a challenging read.

I would rate it 3 and a half stars. The book is a about a boy called Stanley Yelnats who gets sent to detention for a reason that’s not his fault. He gets there and finds he has to dig holes. What he doesn’t know, is what he is digging for!  I liked the book a lot but it could have better had a better ending.


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October 9


I was about to jump out of a plane 7,000 feet in the air when my brother woke me up. It reminded me of a time when i was having a really good dream when my brother woke me up and asked if i wanted to play minecraft. My brother said this when he woke me up. “the Image result for xbox is gone from the lounge room”. Stunned i woke up and went to they lounge room. Sure enough when i got there it was gone. I went up to his  bedroom and tried to open it but it was locked and i could hear the minecraft person walking. the good news was my brother got grounded the bad news was that the Image result for xbox  got thrown out.



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