August 18


My mum says that i took a chocolate while she was gone.”Why would i do that”. I told her over and over again.” i wouldn’t do that”. She still doesn’t believe im grounded for a week and can’t play fortnight with my friends. i screamed.” I HATE YOU”.i ran upstairs in a rage and through the xbox out the window. Why would i do that, why would i do that, why would i do that. i ran out the door into the garden over the fence and into the woods. i was six then and until i said sorry all i could say was why would i do that.




Image result for someone chucking an xbox out the window gifs

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1 thoughts on “100wc

  1. danielg2017

    It was really funny by the way you spelt fortnite wrong and I really like the GIF about a guy throwing a Xbox out of the window.:)


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