August 29


I was walking next to the river one day and I saw the most peculiar thing. A pink lama the cutest fluffiest pink lama. It was so cute. But it made me nervous. I took a step forward and it grabbed a BBQ out of somewhere and started cooking lama burgers. The next minuet it handed me one they were delicious. I invited it up to my house and took the lama and his BBQ up the stairs. Set up its room and it had a new happy life cooking me lama burgers.

Ps: It made a world record of most lama burgers made in a minuet.

PPS: nothing.

PPPS: nothing

PPPPS: nothing





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August 18


My mum says that i took a chocolate while she was gone.”Why would i do that”. I told her over and over again.” i wouldn’t do that”. She still doesn’t believe im grounded for a week and can’t play fortnight with my friends. i screamed.” I HATE YOU”.i ran upstairs in a rage and through the xbox out the window. Why would i do that, why would i do that, why would i do that. i ran out the door into the garden over the fence and into the woods. i was six then and until i said sorry all i could say was why would i do that.




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August 9

100 wc

It was 6:00 on the home ClockRegularly i would be going for a run but i decided to prune the Lime tree. That’s when it all started i chucked a lime branch into the bucket(or that’s what i thought) but it flew to the BBQ wich was on and a huge Flame  shot up. I wanted to fight the fire but all i had was a bucket of  Ice  that’s it i grabbed the bucket of ice and threw it in that putt it out in a jiffy. That’s how i put a fire out with a bucket of ice.



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August 1

the magic door

I was walking through the park when I found a magic portal. I was looking at it with curiousity when something wierd walked through.”Hey were does this go” I say to it. “Blob bleb ting nah ho merasrta”. “Say what?” “nehinghity namy testa mifa”. “Wwhhaatt?”. “blob bleb ting nah ho merasrta nehingity namy testa mifa!!!!!!!!!”. I walk through the portal and am emidetly surounded by 1 billion aliens with squid guns loaded with what looked like nukes. “STEFFATO”. BANG BANG BANG they fired there guns and I turned into an alien. “How did this happen “I say . but it comes out like this.”woh idd sith neppah i yas”. thats how I lived they rest of my life.

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