May 31


I reecall that it can take years to repair a town.

I also reecal that the army get tinned and packaged food because it doesnt carry desies.

I understand that electricions are as inportant as docters in therebuilding stage.

I also understand that roads are dameged so it is hardto get to the main destruction.

Lastly i understand that clean fresh water is needed.

I wonder what thefirst thing to be rebuilt.

May 11

100 wc

I walked home and in the door and  my mum said “I have a post card for you”. “When did it it arrive” I said “Yesterday” “But why didn’t you tell me yessterday”, “Because the pacage that came with it didnt come till today”. “Okay”.  I read the poscard and it was from my grand parents that were away and were at coral bay. Then I oppend the package and inside was a turtle I couldnt beileve it. On the box there was a sticker that said rescued from coral bay rescue centre. It was amazing.





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May 10


I reecal that darwin copped a hurricane that wiped  out most aof darwin.

I also reecal that still twenty two thousand people still didnt have power the next day.

I understand that that the rescue center was full beacouse peoples homes were were burnt down by a bush fire.

I also understand that lots of cattle farms were wiped out by the fires.

Lasty i understand that schools were closed from no power.

I wonder if the anyone went out of ther house.

May 4

ring of fire

I understand that a tsunami wiped out the coastline of somoa.

I also understand that a earthqwake wiped out sumatra.

Lastly i understand that both those towns were in thering of fire.

I reecal that the ring of fire has three quaters of the earths volcano’s.

I also reecal that the concrete is floating on molten lava

I wonder how many people were killed in the sunami.


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May 4


I walked through the graveyard to the grave i had watched the whole seen. The crimson blood was all over the floor it smelt of bad revenge. last night a fight had hapend a five star hotel i melbourne it was all over the news papers. It was a misty night and it never should have ended that way. The news reporters shoated and shoved micraphones at my face. Frantically i punched the camreas and ran it was horrer. I hid in a cave several kms from any town in the middle of nowere never to be seen again. DUN dun dun.




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May 3

100 wc

i was walking through the bush and i saw a pair of giant legs connected to a tree. I touched them and then it moved and then HELLO!!!!!! how is ya. i’m okay how about you I’m okay to and you do realise your talking to a giant. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay i dont know who you are or what your doing but i am shure i am not face to face with a giant right!!!! Um actualy you are oh great i feel like a poo saying this but iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rooaaaarrr i am going to eat you for dinner golp and thats how the life of dumn lived that is also why he is could dumn.




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