February 25

btn report.

I recall that in ancient Greece people used to never be able to have a say.

I understood that the Magna Karta was made to even  out share and stop monarchy’s taking land.

I also recall that some country’s like Saudi Arabia and Qatar are a absolute monarchy.

I also recall that in ancient Greece any one to poor was a slave or women couldn’t have a say.

I wonder if  in that time people pretended if they were fine to vote and got to vote.

I also understand that people didn’t like war although some did.

                                                  by charlie   


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  1. Sofia

    Hi Charlie,
    Your btn report was pretty good. Remember what Libby said about adding the link? If you don’t know how to do it i could help you. Something you should think about is maybe making it a bit longer. I like how you color coded it it was really easy to see. Good Job!


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