May 9

100 word chalenge.

I just couldn’t eat something so I swaped it for a ice cream but the ice cream was so cold I dropped it. A dog picked it up in its mouth and threw it up and then pooped it out. So a camel came along and ate it and then pooped it out. Now there was a big pile of poop on the floor.  Just then a woman came along and slipped on it and got poo all over her.  Her husband came along and picked her up and cleaned her and then cleaned up the poo. NO MORE POO!!!!

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11 thoughts on “100 word chalenge.

  1. callum2017

    i loved the whole story. i liked the part when the animals ate the ice-cream and pooped it out then the lady slipped on the poop.

    1. charlie2017 (Post author)

      i know right it just came out the back of my mind.
      my mum laft her head of.


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