February 12

…we were moving very fast when …

Hi, My name is Jack. We are on a holiday in the outback and its wetter than wet. It’s very slippery. We were moving very fast when we hit a tree and the car rolled over.


 So we got out of the car and checked if everyone was ok. Everyone but the dog.He was sitting there starring at the ground because his favourite bone had been completely crushed. Anyway mum called the racv  and they said they will be there in a few weeks so our whole trip ended like that.

p.s: the racv did not come and we ended up getting picked up by a trucker.




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February 1

letter to libby

hi libby

on the holidays i went to anglesea i went surfing and snorkeling

Image result for point roadknight anglesea rockpool point-this is actually where why snorkled


i have 1 sister in year 1 Matt berke’s class  she is six.

I’ve got a brother in year 3 Daves class he is eight.

I am nine.I play most sports such as cricket, soccer and those kind of sports but my favourite is footy.

I like to surf as I said and skateboard.

Love to use emogis as you see 😀😀😀☺☺☺😆😆😆😎😎😎

What’s your favourite thigh to do.

My hobbies are:


Playing with emogis,Drawing,Anoying my brother and sister, Getting my homework done quickly, playing sport , doing Taekwondo and you can’t forget reading.

these are my favourite emogis:




As you can see i like a lot.

I was going to show you my drawings but It wouldn’t let me copy or paste the drawings.

I will bring them in soon to show you 📖📖📖📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📗📗📗📗📗📗.

I hope we enjoy the year and have fun.



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