October 10

holes book review

holes is a great book. it is a bit of a challenging read.

i would rate it 3 and a half stars. the book is a about a boy could Stanley Yelnats who gets sent to detention for a reason that’s not his fault. he gets there and finds he has to dig holes. what he doesn’t know is what he is digging for?  i liked the book a lot but it could have ended a bit better.


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October 9


I was about to jump out of a plane 7,000 feet in the air when my brother woke me up. It reminded me of a time when i was having a really good dream when my brother woke me up and asked if i wanted to play minecraft. My brother said this when he woke me up. “the Image result for xbox is gone from the lounge room”. Stunned i woke up and went to they lounge room. Sure enough when i got there it was gone. I went up to his  bedroom and tried to open it but it was locked and i could hear the minecraft person walking. the good news was my brother got grounded the bad news was that the Image result for xbox  got thrown out.



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September 13


i was walking through the park when i saw these 2 giant hand statues. they were holding a metal piece of wire. I had a look and as i had a closer look and i saw these weird animals. They were crawling around and then this weird thing happened i looked into a particulier one’s eyes (i guessed it was the leader) and then they all just disappeared.Later that night i was thinking about it and then one crawled into my bedroom it came up to me and bit me.

In the morning i found myself looking into the eyes of a kid.

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September 6


I was walking down the street one day and i saw a shop. Not just any shop a grocery shop, and not just any grocery shop a  Coles grocery shop, and not just any coles grocery shop a coles express grocery shop. Anyway it was one of those ones that sell just about everithing. I walked in and saw a pile of sunglasses. I was looking at them thinking what colour should it be. I thought and thought and finally decide on an orange pair the best in they shop. I kept them for many years and buried them in my backyard because the were the best.


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August 29


I was walking next to the river one day and I saw the most peculiar thing. A pink lama the cutest fluffiest pink lama. It was so cute. But it made me nervous. I took a step forward and it grabbed a BBQ out of somewhere and started cooking lama burgers. The next minuet it handed me one they were delicious. I invited it up to my house and took the lama and his BBQ up the stairs. Set up its room and it had a new happy life cooking me lama burgers.

Ps: It made a world record of most lama burgers made in a minuet.

PPS: nothing.

PPPS: nothing

PPPPS: nothing





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August 18


My mum says that i took a chocolate while she was gone.”Why would i do that”. I told her over and over again.” i wouldn’t do that”. She still doesn’t believe me.now im grounded for a week and can’t play fortnight with my friends. i screamed.” I HATE YOU”.i ran upstairs in a rage and through the xbox out the window. Why would i do that, why would i do that, why would i do that. i ran out the door into the garden over the fence and into the woods. i was six then and until i said sorry all i could say was why would i do that.




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August 9

100 wc

It was 6:00 on the home ClockRegularly i would be going for a run but i decided to prune the Lime tree. That’s when it all started i chucked a lime branch into the bucket(or that’s what i thought) but it flew to the BBQ wich was on and a huge Flame  shot up. I wanted to fight the fire but all i had was a bucket of  Ice  that’s it i grabbed the bucket of ice and threw it in that putt it out in a jiffy. That’s how i put a fire out with a bucket of ice.



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August 1

the magic door

I was walking through the park when I found a magic portal. I was looking at it with curiousity when something wierd walked through.”Hey were does this go” I say to it. “Blob bleb ting nah ho merasrta”. “Say what?” “nehinghity namy testa mifa”. “Wwhhaatt?”. “blob bleb ting nah ho merasrta nehingity namy testa mifa!!!!!!!!!”. I walk through the portal and am emidetly surounded by 1 billion aliens with squid guns loaded with what looked like nukes. “STEFFATO”. BANG BANG BANG they fired there guns and I turned into an alien. “How did this happen “I say . but it comes out like this.”woh idd sith neppah i yas”. thats how I lived they rest of my life.

blast of






June 13

100 wc

WOOPS! Sophie was running and she triped face first into the biggest pile of mud you’ve ever seen. however, she couldn’t believe what she had done her mum would be absulutely furious. That was the same pile of mud she had fallen in 2 weeks in a row. Ohh damn Ohh damn that was one thing she regreted doing. 2 weeks ago she found a shortcut  home and for the past 2 weeks she had triped over the same root into the same gigantic pile of mud. She was anoyed and these were here last words and it actualy happend i wish to live in a pigs pen.

oink oink.

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June 13


I understand that you should have a plan for a natural disaster and know it well.

I also understand that you shouldnot cimb on the roof of the building.

lastly don’t lock yourself in a room because you dont know whats going on.

I reecal that the kids did better than the adults.

I also reecal that the familys didnt have a plan.

i wonder if they wood have paniked mor if it was in real life.